GBS' Advanced Technology Puts Information at Your Fingertips

In a highly competitive marketplace, brokers need all the advantages they can get. Because GBS is committed to our broker-partners, we have developed technology solutions that:

  • Saves You Time
  • Increases your Sales and Productivity
  • Improves Your Client Service
  • Provides Technology Solutions for Your Clients
GBSAccess™ Fully-Insured Broker Portal

As a broker..... you need one place to manage all of your clients, commissions and prospects. With GBSAccess, you have that control!

Some features include:

  • GBS' OnQ™ technology is designed to save your valuable time.
    • Multiple Carriers - View a comprehensive selection of multiple carriers for medical, dental & vision plans
    • Compare Plan Designs - Using the Quote Specification screen, select the type of plans, benefit options and rating tiers you wish to quote
    • Favorites - Save multiple favorites by Carrier, Plan and Options
    • Proposal Formats - Three proposal formats available (Pricelist Report, Custom Proposal with brief benefit description and rates or detailed Comparison of Benefits and rates)
    • Prospect Management - Allows you to maintain current prospects demographic information for future quotes
    • Renewal Proposals - Allows you to sort your clients by renewal date and upload current enrollment census to generate renewal proposals.
  • View Commission Statements
  • View and Manage all of your clients


GBSAccess™ Fully-Insured Client Portal

GBSAccess™  portal allows you to utilize our flexible, efficient web tools and perform these tasks quickly and easily, anywhere, any time - day or night!

The portal enables and provides access to important information for you , such as:

  • Account Information - Provides account and contact information
  • Enrollment Summary - Provides a census of all employees (active and/or terminated)
  • Employee & Dependent Summary - Provides details about enrollment, plans & costs
  • Financial History - Displays enrollment, billing and payment information for last 3 billing cycles.
  • Plans & Rates - View current Carriers, Plans, Group Numbers & Rates
  • Premium Invoices - Provides a listing of the past 12 months premium invoices in a PDF or excel format
  • Temporary ID Information - Prints a temporary ID information sheet confirming coverage effective date, plan, coverage type, group number for each employee or the entire group
  • Pre-populated Enrollment forms - Print a completed GBS Election form to streamline the renewal process.
  • Online payment - one click payment and set up auto-pay!
  • Online Enrollment - Manage open enrollment plus day to day life events and changes

To learn more about how GBSAccess™ can help you streamline your customer service responsibilities, contact us.

GBS' AmQUE- Self-Funded Client & Member Portal

GBS' LuminX LIN/CEW enables you to reduce your time researching eligibility or claim issues and waiting for a response. Utilize our flexible, efficient web tools and perform these tasks quickly and easily, anywhere, any time - day or night!

GBS'LuminX LIN/CEW provides access to important information for you and your clients, such as:

  • Benefits At A Glance - Provides details about employees and dependants enrollment, plans & costs
  • Document Library - Access important electronic documents and forms
  • Preferred Provider Directories   - Research whether hospitals or doctors are in the PPO network to maximize benefit payments and discounts
  • Claim Inquiry & History - View the status and detail of medical, dental, vision or FSA claims. View Explanation Of Benefits (EOBs) for each claim payment.
  • Flexible Spending Account History - View FSA Account contributions, claim reimbursements and account balances.
  • Health and Wellness Center - Access valuable health and wellness information to assist employees in managing their health care concerns.
  • Reports - Access web-enabled reports
  • Billing - Review invoices, billing summaries or detailed billing information in a PDF or excel format

To learn more about how GBS' LuminX LIN/CEW system can help you streamline your customer service responsibilities, contact us.